Actor. Singer. Aggressive Mover. Coach.


Aside from her life in theater, Julie spent 15 years in corporate sales. She was a trainer for 2 massive companies where she wrote leadership training content and facilitated meetings. With her performance experience and having led teams for over 10 years, she is a dynamic, engaging, and compassionate facilitator. She also was a hands on leader for many years running 10-30 million dollar stores in NYC. Julie has taught leadership seminars on many topics including the Kiersey Temperament Sorter, hiring top talent, engaging existing talent, developing leadership skills, the "how and why" of leadership. 

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"Julie is in exceptional facilitator...She knows how to keep a group of people engaged and eager to participate."

-Shannon Gratton, Fossil


Whether you are looking to engage your corporate team of leaders or a small organization/board membership, we can create a seminar appropriate for your needs. 

Julie Galorenzo was the single most impactful leader I’ve had in my career. Understanding the power of “why” not only shaped the way I both receive and provide feedback but also singlehandedly morphed my approach to leading teams of my own. The lessons and tools I was fortunate enough to gain from her over my career is a main contributor to the success I’ve achieved. The majority of interactions with my teams as well as managers usually lead me to the train of thought of “what would Julie do?”.
— Jack Bennett, Global Solutions Consultant for Ceridian Corporation
Julie is in exceptional facilitator. She not only is a captivating presenter but she knows how to keep a group of people engaged and eager to participate. She will keep group conversation laser focused and will ask questions to challenge, uncover and create valuable dialog amongst group and one-on-one settings.
— Shannon Gratton, Boston MA

At times in the workplace things can feel unattainable, but Julie is able to make those around her consistently feel that no matter what the goal is, there is a path to get there. Through her experience working with peers that have different work and learning styles, she can identify areas that make the most impact to create individual strategies to help others reach their goals. Julie’s points are clear, providing honest feedback to build others up towards success, rather than to take down an individual. She will take your areas of opportunity and biggest strengths, and leverage them to take you to the next level of leadership.
— Megan Loveday, Albany NY